What is the CoolFace Time?

CoolFace Time Beauty Maker is special FX makeup for videos and photos. It edits them, including editing the eyes, nose, mouth, face, and transform a variety of facial expressions. While removing wrinkles, bags under the eyes, freckles, whitening and other cosmetic treatment, you will be more beautiful than anyone!

CoolFace Time includes four versions: Video & Photo Beauty Maker apps, Video Beauty Maker for PC, Video Beauty Maker post-processing software, and Video Beauty Maker VCR. These versions are connected to an image design center, get the image design from there.

CoolFace Time Beauty Maker Family

Beauty Maker Apps

These apps receive a face model from the image design center, real-time edit and beautify person's face while recording. At the same time, you can edit the face by yourself. The editing features include shaping eyes, nose, mouth, cheek, jaw, and other makeup items. You can take pictures, record, share, or video chat.

Technical Details

Video Beauty Maker App

Video beauty maker app supports video formats:

640 * 480 for 4 : 3 SD video, 640 * 360 for 16 : 9 SD video.

Video Beauty Maker Steps

Image Design

It gets from the image design center.