What is Beauty Maker?

CoolFace Time is a real-time video virtual beautifying sytem. It detects and tracks the faces of each frame, and beautifies them. It is the world's first video beautifying system. It helps you find your perfect face in the cyber space.

CoolFace Time

System Framework

Image Design Center

It is a digital beautifying and makeup center. It provides all kinds of beautifying modules and makeup filters. Such as the most attractive face, the most friendly face, specific character of the face, different race faces, etc.. It also includes the eye shadow, whitening, freckle removal and other cosmetic filters. You can use these modules and filters to beautify your face. Also you can design the image by yourself.

Home Video Processing Terminal

Home video processing terminal includes PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.. It receives a image from the design center. Then it real-time beautifies the video of the camera. You can take pictures, record, edit, share, or video chat.

CoolFace Time for Google Nexus 7 tablet is running below.

Professional Video Processing Module

It includes:

a. Post Special FX Makeup Software.
It is a video file editing software. It can beautify the faces in the video files.

b. Beauty VCR.
It can beautify the faces when recording.

Virtual Beauty Steps

Step 1.

There are two ways to use photographs image design.

1.Using Facial Model.

2.Manually Beauty using CoolFace App.

Step 2.

Locating the frontal face in the video.

Step 3.

Beauty the frontal face in the video.

CoolFace Time

Technical Specifications

Mainly Supported Video Formats.