CoolFace Time Video Beauty Maker Crowdfunding

What is the CoolFace Time?

CoolFace Time is a video beauty maker. This is the upgrade product of beautifying photos. It edits and beautifies your face while you recording. It makes kinds of video beauty, helps you get the perfect life in the cyber space.

CoolFace Time video beauty maker includes four versions: Video Beauty Maker app, Video Beauty Maker for PC, Video Beauty Maker post-processing software, and Video Beauty Maker VCR. These versions are connected to an image design center, get the image design from there.

CoolFace Time Video Beauty Maker Family

Video Beauty Maker App

This app receives a face model from the image design center, real-time edits and beautifies person's face while recording. At the same time, you can edit the face by yourself. The editing features include shaping eyes, nose, mouth, cheek, jaw, and other makeup items. You can take pictures, record, share, or video chat.

Technical Details

Video Beauty Maker App

Video beauty maker app supports video formats:

640 * 480 for 4 : 3 SD video, 640 * 360 for 16 : 9 SD video.

$1 $25

Full Name

Video Beauty Making Steps

Image Design

It gets from the image design center.

For Example

Video Beauty Maker app runs on Google Nexus 7 tablet


Now, we raise funds for the Video Beauty Maker app and Video Beauty Maker for PC. The goal is $5,000. It is mainly used for user interface design. The app will be launched in February 14, 2015, the other one in March 15, 2015. In return, we will give you these two software licenses. They are worth $ 99.8.

Where we are

On the basis of the CoolFace app, we worked for more than two years, to create a Video Beauty Maker. During this period, we have solved the three problems. They are the precise face location algorithm, beautifying algorithm, and video processing algorithm. Currently, we have completed a prototype design of the Video Beauty Maker for Google Nexus 7 tablet. It receives a face model from the design center, and real-time beautifies your face while recording. You can take pictures, record, edit, or video chat.

$1 $25

Full Name


$25 License

Thank you for your support. Your help brings CoolFace Time one step closer to being available for everyone. In return, you will get Video Beauty Maker App license and Video Beauty Maker for PC license. They are worth $99.8. And your name will be included on our website forever!


Q: Can I feel the difference between the original face and the beautified face?

A: "What you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow." Rabindranath Tagore said in "Stray Birds".

You will feel the beautified face is yourself. This is amazing.